Wedding FAQ


What is your wedding photography style?

My photography style for weddings is a relaxed and candid approach. Much like my family sessions I want to capture the nature of your day as it unfolds, the real emotion, the real smiles and laughter and the real tears of joy and those real hugs and kisses. I am not a photographer that will be bothering you every 5 minutes for a photograph, I will blend in and capture your beautiful day as it unfolds around you.

What is the deposit amount and when?

I ask for a 20% retainer fee when booking to reserve your date.
This retainer fee is fully refundable if you cancel my services within a week of paying.

Do you do take formal photographs?

I do - although I am a candid photographer, 90% of Bride and Grooms want formal photographs taken, this is absolutely fine, during one of our meets we will discuss the shots you are after.

Can we give you a shot list?

Yes! In our first meet one of the many questions I will ask you is a shot list you want.
I do have my own shot list I go by, however if there are any special shots you want, please do let me know. We will discuss any group shots you would like, where on the grounds, what style you would like, whether its fun, romantic, something a bit different, I am flexible to your needs on your special day.

Can we share our photographs on social media?

Absolutely! I encourage you to share your special day with friends and family on social media you have complete unrestricted sharing and printing rights of your images.

How many photos can we expect to recieve?

This is very hard to give an estimate, it all depends on how long you book me for and how the day pans out.
I however do promise an absolute minimum of 200 for a full day.

Do you do posed couple portraits of the bride and groom?

Absolutely! (if you want them)
We will set aside a timeslot within your day where we can concentrate on your couples shots. Again when we meet we will discuss exactly what it is you are after and your style and find shots that will match your personalities.

Do you offer an engagement shoot?

I do! These are a great way for you to learn my photography style and see me work before your special day, however not vital if you don't wish for one. An engagement shoot is included in a couple of my packages or you can book an engagement shoot with me seperately as an add on.

Does it matter if I haven't worked at your venue before?

Not at all. I will always take a visit to your venue a few weeks before your special day to familiarise myself with it, the sun placement, photo locations and driving routes between different locations you have hired if applicable.

Can we meet and have a chat first?

Of course! All my packages and booking include 3 face to face meets with one another. The first is purely a friendly meet get to know each other and see if we collaborate well, discuss what it is your looking for in me, to dive a little into your day and most importantly to see if you feel I am the right photographer for you, this meet doesn't involve any money it is complimentary. Roughly 6 months Prior - The 2nd is to discuss your day, what styles you prefer, what posed shots you want, general run down of your day, times, locations ect, all the information you have.
Within the last few weeks - The 3rd meet is just to confirm any last minute details that may have changed, to finalise the shot list you may have given me and add anything and generally discuss how amazing your special day is going to be!

How do we book you?

Firstly, I am always excited to recieve wedding enquiries! A couple opening up to allow me to photograph their special day is a beautiful and rewarding feeling, so I am over the moon you are reading this. First stage is to drop me an email on and jot down a few details for me so I can check availability and get straight back to you and discuss all things wedding with you.

Do you offer any payment plans?

I offer either 3 month or 6 month payment plans for those of you who require it, when booking we will discuss which payment plan ( if any ) you wish to do.

Do you offer any packages?

I offer 3 packages for half day bookings and 3 packages for full day bookings.
Please head to my Weddings Page for all my package details.

What if I book and pay my deposit then you don't respond to emails?

This absolutely will not happen, all my Brides and Grooms who book have unlimited email communication with me. You will have enough on your mind without not having your photographer replying to you. If I can't reply immediately, at max I will reply within 2 days.

Do you have backup equipment?

Always! I shoot with Canon Cameras, I have 2 that I bring with me with a variety of lenses attatched to be able to capture different shots throughout the day.
I always bring spare batteries, lense cleaners, flash and other equipemtn with me.
My main camera has a dual memory card slot which if one slot does happen to fail then I have the backup of the second, this is very important when shooting weddings.

Where are you located?

I am based in a beautiful village called Wendover in Bucks. I am more then happy to travel around the surrounding areas for your wedding and bridal preps and receptions wioth costs all included. Any weddings a little further afield do just get in contact regarding possible travel costs.

How far in advance do you take wedding bookings?

Usually I take wedding bookings for the current year and the following year, however if you are super organised and are looking ahead of then, just get in contact and we will discuss your current ideas and plans.

Do you photograph in black and white?

My online gallery will allow you to adjust any images that are in colour to black and white if you prefer the image not in colour. Some photographs that I feel are better suited to black and white however will be uploaded in black and white.

Do you have insurance?

Ooo yes. A must for wedding photographers, I have both public liability insurance, and all my professional equipment is also insured.