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sianp_photography@hotmail.com - Sian Pill  - Wendover, Bucks, HP22 6PW.

Where are you located?

I am based in Beautiful Wendover, Bucks. I am fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and landmarks. Newborn photoshoots are held at my house for a warm and comfortable setting. Tea and coffee is available throughout the shoot also.

I would like both indoor and outdoor photos?

That's fine! I live a 5 minute walk from woodland, fields and kids parks for natural outdoor shots. If you don't fancy the walk then that's fine. I offer outdoor photoshoots at a variety of locations Wendover woods with a cafe onsite Coombe Hill with stunning views, Wendover canal and Weston Turville Reservoir if you fancy a bit of water in your shoots. We can do an hour on the indoor photos at my location then drive to any of those locations within 5/10 minutes max and finish off the hour outside. Just make sure you dress according to the weather!

I have an outdoor shoot booked but the forecast is rain?

I will try at all costs to hold your photoshoot for you, however if the weather is too bad to hold the shoot to the standard where you would be happy with your photographs, or I feel it is unsuitable shooting conditions I will contact you on the morning of your photoshoot to re-arrange another date.

I have a family shoot booked, can I bring the dog?

Please do! The dog (or dogs) is part of the family, please bring them along, I love incorporating furry family members into the images as well! Please just let me know before hand if you intend on bringing furry ones so I have my doggy treats ready.

My newborn isn't settling to have their photo taken?

This is ok, there's no hurry. Within a 2 hour photoshoot hopefully there will be sometime in there to capture some great shots. If your baby is really not feeling like having their photo taken we discuss a different approach to the session.

What should I wear?

If you have a newborn shoot which you are participating in I would recommend plain light coloured tops, beige, white, cream or a light blue. If you are having a family shoot then its completely up to you, just something that shows your personality and is suitable for the weather.

I live quite far away, will you travel to me for an outdoor photoshoot?

My maximum traveling distance is 15 miles ( approx 30 minutes ) from the office due to needing to get

back for other booked sessions and petrol costs to name a couple. However I am more than willing to meet somewhere that it suitable for the photoshoot in the middle of us, within those 15 miles. It will save you traveling too far out of your way. Plus I always enjoy finding new sweet spots for photoshoots.

How far in advance should I book my photoshoot?

Online you can only book a minimum of a week in advance, if you require one sooner please do contact me and I will see what I can do, but preferable time is at least a week in advance.

Do I need to bring changes of clothes?

For a newborn shoot or indoor kids feel free to bring as many different changes of clothes as you desire for them. Please bear in mind the more changes of clothes the more agitated the little one will get, most people bring 2/4 changes of clothes. If you also wish to have a change of clothes in the middle thats absolutely fine, bring them along.

I would like to book a shoot but I don't drive?

Don't worry. Depending on your address, just contact me before booking and we will arrange a nearby location for you where its easily accessible for you. Alternatively we can discuss if there is room at your house for me to hold the shoot.

What should I bring with me on the day?

There's not much you need to bring. Depending on the shoot I would advise bringing any favourite toys/ comforters for little ones or anything special you'd like included in some photographs.

How can I best prepare for the shoot?

Just bringing yourselves in a good mood  is enough. If you've got a newborn photoshoot starting them off fully fed and a clean nappy can always get us off to a good start. If not, that's not a problem, you can feed and change your baby in the nursery here.
For pets - there's not much to get ready! Maybe a good brushing but that's about it.

For children.. please don't tell them that they need to 'behave' or 'smile nicely for the camera' this sets up for expectation and tension which sets up for false smiles. Instead tell them that they're going to go and have fun, a good day playing games and just for them to be themselves. I prefer to capture the natural shots, with just a few prompts here and there.

What animals do you photograph?

I am happy to photograph any animal, however if you have a weird and wacky animal I may not have photographed it before so please contact me prior so we can arrange the best shoot for you and your pet.

When will I get to see my final images?

For me to upload and edit will roughly take 2 weeks on average ( however this may vary depending on the volume of images I have to edit) If you haven't pre paid and you are being invoiced after the photoshoot, your images also won't be made available till the payment of the invoice has been received.

How do you edit your images?

I do not use photoshop, I prefer to keep the natural essence of the image and I use adobe light rooms to touch up any blemishes. I sometimes change the lighting and colouring to enhance certain parts of your photographs to make them come alive and make you go wow.
If you have any particular blemishes you would like to be touched up please do let me know on your form prior to the shoot, otherwise I will not cover over anything individual like freckles, tattoos or moles.

Why don't you do pet photoshoots at your location?

This is because pets are much better photographed in their own surroundings where they are most comfortable, relaxed and at ease. Or even outside for those energetic doggies.

After the photoshoot how do I access my photographs?

I use an online gallery viewing site. Once your photos have been edited and are ready for viewing, an email will be sent to you with the link to your photographs and a 4 digit pin to be able to access your free download.
**Your gallery will be accessable for one month for any downloads or purchases once you've recieved this email.

How do we book with you ?

So you can either use the booking form online and pre-pay for your photoshoot, then I will forward you a contract for the particular shoot you have booked for and get in contact regarding any finalising details such as locations. Or you can contact me directly and book this way, I need to take a few little details from you (No card details) and then you will receive a confirmation email of your booking. Same as pre booking you will receive a contract via email and I will get in contact to finalise any details.

How do we pay you?

If you are booking online then it requires a pre payment all done in advance at the time of booking. If you are booking with me directly you will be invoiced after your photoshoot which is required to be paid in 2 weeks from receiving it.
With regards to your images all digital images and prints are made to order so once you have selected your chosen purchases you will be required to pay for your basket on checkout .

Do you have a minimum required spend on images after the photoshoot?

There is no minimum charge for you, you can spend as little or as much as you like. 

I need to cancel! What do I do?

I'm sorry to hear this. If you contact me at-least 24 hours before the start time of your shoot, you will be entitled to a full refund of your money paid. If however you contact me after the 24 hours I'm afraid I will be unable to process a refund for you.